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Photographer Mariano Cuccuru

Private Yoga Sessions

Ashtanga Yoga

This style of Yoga follows a set series of postures, and links movement to breath, so that moving into and out of each pose is as important as holding the poses themselves. This practice can facilitate improvements in upper body and core endurance, trunk and hamstring flexibility, shoulder and ankle-calf flexibility, as well as a reduction in total body fat percentage. There are six series in the Ashtanga style, and everyone starts with Primary Series. I will guide you into and out of each pose in the Primary Series and give a breath count while you hold the poses.

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga can play a key role in the prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries. By improving flexibility and balance in your body you will be able to optimise performance and aid any recovery process. The exercises, which will be tailored to your specific requirements and/or weak areas, generally focus on stretching and conditioning the fascia, mobilising joints and stabilising imbalances that can adversely affect postural alignment and performance.

Bespoke Yoga

Private yoga sessions offer an increased personal experience with a bespoke class and undivided attention. You may have been suffering with a problematic area that needs some individual attention or you may just like a tailored class, to work on a specific area of your practice or to gain a deeper understanding of yoga. Whether you are new to yoga and want to get comfortable on the mat, or just like to practice yoga in the comfort of a 1:1 session, I can lead you through a bespoke class based on your requirements.

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