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I'm a fully certified Hatha Yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. Also teacher trained by David Swenson in Ashtanga Yoga, and this is the style of Yoga I've been practising almost daily for over 10 years. I've been teaching in Scotland until I moved to NI in January 2017 to undertake a PhD in Medical Education at QUB.

I love movement in general and the energy that comes with it, so I decided to specialise in teaching yoga to athletes, to help them perform better and avoid or heal common injuries through this practice. As I practice BJJ and Calisthenics, I'm fully aware of how a Yoga practice can be beneficial to other physical activities: developing strength and stamina, breathing technique, mental awareness, concentration, mobility, and injury prevention... So, if you practice a sport, both as an amateur or at a professional level, yoga might help you reaching certain goals.

Or maybe you just want to increase your flexibility, fitness or physical/mental wellbeing through a tailored Yoga practice. I can also help with that.

I'm based in Lisburn but can easily move around the surrounding area.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any question.




RYT 200 -  Hatha Raja Yoga

RYT 40 - Ashtanga Yoga with David Swenson

Yoga for Athletes Diploma

Affiliated with Yoga Alliance

Fully ensured with Balens Ltd.

What I Offer

1 to 1 Yoga
Corporate Yoga

The symbol I chose for Yoga for Athletes is the Root Chakra, or, in Sanskrit, Muladhara, a compound term formed out of the words “root” and “support”. In the Indian tradition, this is the most primal energy centre in our body and it establishes the deepest connections with the physical body, the environment and with the Earth. This is what practising Yoga is for me, establishing solid foundations, both physical and mental, for everyday life, which translates in an energetic practice supported by breath control.



I am available for workshops throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. If you are a gym or academy owner and/or instructor, and are thinking to introduce Yoga as a cross-training discipline, or just to give your athletes an extra insight for pre/post-training, contact me. Workshops are a great way to break down certain concepts, postures or themes.  While a standard yoga class follows a general structure, a workshop has the luxury to go DEEP into a specific topic.

I can design and deliver a tailored workshop around your specific requirements.

Have a look at few workshop examples below:



Practicing yoga with Annalisa not only helped me towards my shoulder flexibility goal, but also improved my aerobic condition, as well as my coordination. I also noticed a great improvement in my posterior chain muscles flexibility and hollowbacks!

— Vittorio, Calisthenics coach, Italy



I am based in Lisburn (NI).

E-mail, call or fill out the contact form to get in touch.

E-mail: Yoga4AthletesNI@gmail.com // Tel. 07964296007


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